colour is fashion is art. VDT.

We proudly call ourselves the ‘Swiss Color Company’, because we have two full color series in our range. Both can be used as permanent (with 20, 30 and 40 Vol.) or demi-permanent colour (6 and 10 Vol.).

The VDT haircolour cream is our premium colouration, its skin tolerance was dermatologically tested by dermatest® and received an “A” rating. It therefore offers the best possible protection for hair and scalp. The VDT haircolour cream offers 40 % more shine and stability increased up to 50 % compared with other permanent hair dyes.

haircolour cream

With VIBRANT CARE COMPLEX of Pomegranate core oil, Linoleic acid, Beeswax and Jojoba oil. Perfect coverage and 140 shades for intense, brilliant and stable results.

cream oxide

With extra creamy consistency to guarantee a perfect handling. Applicable for all types of salon services – from general colouring to special highlight techniques. With precious argan oil for silky shine, best results and perfect care if used with VDT and OXIBLONDE hi.7.

colour nutri mask

The colour refreshing treatment of TRINITY haircare revives the shade of coloured hair and gives new shine and brilliance. The condition of the hair gets significantly better and the hair gets moisturised. The colour result is maintained longer.


Six intensive but at the same time soft demi permanent (intensive toner) pastel colours: cyan, magenta, pistachio, purpure, cobalt, sepia.
In addition “opaque white” for unlimited creativity. This white colour shade can be added to all pastel colours of VDT DILUTIONISTE in order to obtain a softer and smoother appearance.


The expressive highlighter is perfect for creative highlighting techniques and is suitable for natural hair as well as for pre-coloured hair. The unique formulation allows to lift up to four levels and colour hair in only one step. The pigment-booster PYRAZOL guarantees non-fading and long-lasting colours in three shades: red, violet and copper.




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