fall, winter, 2022


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In Japan, they practice the healing art of Shinrin-yoku, which in English literally translates to ‘forest bathing’ (after the Japanese words Shinrin, which means forest, and Yoku, which means bath). Despite its name, however, Shinrin-yoku has little to do with washing with water and soap. Instead, Shinrin-yoku means taking a trip to the forest – not for a hike or any other manner of exercise, but to ‘soak in the forest atmosphere’, to ‘immerse one’s self in nature’. In more definite terms, Shinrin-yoku is a leisurely visit to the forest for recreation, relaxation, meditation, and therapy.

Shinrin-yoku (森林浴) (forest bathing) is a form of therapy which allows all senses to be exposed to the forest atmosphere to improve health. It started in Japan in the 80ties of the 20th century and was since then spread all over the world. From the early 21st century loads of research has been done to the positive effects of forest bathing in relation to health, especially in Japan, but also abroad. Forest bathing these Days is more and more well-known in the rest of the world (primarily in the USA, but now also in Europe), which resulted in several trainings, books and workshops on forest bathing.

The principle of forest bathing is quite simple: put on some comfortable shoes and walk, bike, drive or get the train to the forest. Walk slowly, while taking, or better: soaking in all that you can see, hear or smell. Be completely aware of your surroundings. Hear the birds singing, see the beautiful sunlight shimmering through the leaves, dew drops on an empty spiderweb. Connect with nature. Or simply said: forest bathing is withdrawing yourself from the hectic, exploring nature and immersing yourself into the forest.
Red dress woman standing next to a thing
Red dress woman standing next to a thing
After a time, full of business and stress and an almost pressuring feeling of catching up everything we have all been missing out on these past 2 years, it is time to relax and turn back to normal and to being yourself. Back to basics and time for some peace of mind. And Shinrin-yoku as a form of therapy is just the perfect escape!