spring, summer, 2024

TRINITY haircare´s Spring / Summer collection for 2024


A more introverted and balanced vibe, maybe combined with just the right calm and breezy weather can make you realize your overall mood and emotion are rather relaxed and casual, rather quiet and introvert. And thus your LOTD will be more neutral in tone and more subtle in textures and fabrics and it will have a much more minimalistic look & feel.

Maybe some more classic and basic things out of your wardrobe, combined with an easy-to-style and not to expressive hairdo and make-up style. LESS does however not mean less meaningful, less powerful or less feminine, just simply less expressive and dramatic.


Ready to embrace and rock the world, maybe even show off a little: the streets, restaurants, clubs and even your board room are calling you to take the stage and shine! Your overall mood is energetic, vibrant and outgoing and thus your LOTD will be more extravert and expressive with bold colours and patterns, attention-grabbing accessories and a more daring and stronger statement.

Your choices excel in your fashion, make-up and hair and all of these things will reflect your mood and energy. MORE means more, in everything, but connected to your very own personality.

The beautiful dance between your several different mini-personalities within your character determine, everyday again, whether your day is MORE OR LESS!