The Essentials of ourselves, our work…
of TRINITY haircare.

Making high quality even better, emphasizing on our values and never forgetting where we come from – that was the base for our careful considerations when developing our hair cosmetics line.

We wanted to achieve more than just coming up with a series of new products. We wanted to present to you an entire concept, a true and honest story that results in a range of high quality, professional hair cosmetic. That is why we developed the new TRINITY haircare around nine elements.

Attributes that are part of our philosophy, concerns that are important to us and basics that we want to emphasize on. You will find these elements in all of our products and returning in our everyday work.

We thought that the central theme for our care line should be centralized around the single most precious gift of nature. The source of life itself. In its purest form. PURIFIED MOUNTAIN WATER.

When setting the master plan for our care line we discussed not only of the variety of products we want to offer, we also debated about the central theme that connects all the products of the range. Just as it is with nature and the world we live in, our thoughts came down to one element – Water. We couldn’t let go of this obvious and at the same time exciting idea, so we put all effort into the research of how we could realize the use of the element that also built the beautiful and pure nature of our home in the Swiss Alps. The result of our work: Genuine PURIFIED MOUNTAIN WATER. This water originates from the natural heritage of the Swiss Alps, particularly the Valais region. After years of research and experiments in collaboration with the research team of CNRS Laboratory Environment and Dynamics of Mountain Territories, TRINITY haircare managed to identify an environmental friendly method to extract this precious substance from the Glacier.

The sophisticated procedure meets not only the criteria of the European Cosmetic Regulation but moreover the additional Swiss requirements and the strict Swiss laws, in order to protect nature and environment.
The water is obtained at the snowmelt without any substantial harm to the Glacier itself. Its preciousness persist of the high amount in minerals and especially in calcium and silicium, due to the path of the water through the alpine rocks. These substances provide incomparable restructuring properties to the water, it binds to the Keratin in the hair and stimulates the Keratin proliferation. Thus the hair is restructured, nourished and invigorated from inside.
Silicium is co-factor of prolylhydroxylase involved in fibroblast stimulation and elastin synthesis. This effect re-pulps and strengthens the hair, improves elasticity and thus prevents hair breakage. The single best what our home has to offer – extracted in its purest form – formulated in high quality haircosmetics for you.

We strongly believe that our Research and Development should never harm nature or animals.
From Day One we develop all of our products 100% Cruelty Free.

Evolution has granted humankind the conditions to shape the world but we shall not forget that along with that fact also comes responsibility for nature and all other creatures that live on this planet. It is our deep belief that we must not capitalise defenceless creatures like animals and make them suffer for testing laboratory samples, raw material or any other part of the products that we are manufacturing. This is why TRINITY haircare has and will never conduct, commission or support animal testing and is frequently screening suppliers of raw materials or other parts of our formulations. Furthermore we are actively supporting PETA, a global organization that is fighting animal testing and constantly achieving awareness and improvement of that problem. That is also why we are one of the few hair cosmetic brands that are listed on the official Cruelty Free list of PETA.

But we are also taking the next step. The specialists in the TRINITY haircare laboratories have succeeded in formulating our care line and many other products in our range completely VEGAN and thus, despite the best performance, have completely dispensed with substances of animal origin in the ingredients used.
This matter of the heart is in our focus and every day we continue to work on getting better and better – out of responsibility for our planet, our love of nature and the welfare of animals.

We believe that we should give back to the community and that we should show our awareness of the social responsibility that we have as company. That is why we support so many global and local charity initiatives.

TRINITY haircare is trying to raise awareness, funds and money for several charity and humanity organizations to make sure they can continue their inspiring and challenging work to make the world a better place in the future.

From local initiatives to fight cancer (The Netherlands) or to help homeless people get a FREE haircut (Germany), through global support for larger multinational charity organizations such as for example the Movember foundation or the Environmental Initiative Ocean Clean Up. We care. We take care. We cherish. We share. We act.

We want our products to combine all the characteristics that we love about our home – quality and reliability, precision and creativity, dedication and tradition… simply 100% Swissness.

Every country, every region and every person has its origin and has its own characteristics, habits and roots. Most of us are proud of who we are, of where we come from and want to show this to the world. TRINITY haircare finds its origin in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Our company roots and our vision and values for the brand originate from the German part of Switzerland, close to the beautiful Lake Constance and not far from the Swiss Alps. We are proud to be Swiss and we are proud to be able to show some of the typical and great characteristics Switzerland is known for across the world, such as superior quality products, a clean, modern and functional design and a strong focus on the environment and on nature.

Within our entire team of professionals, mostly international people with their own specialism and each with their own professional experience, we try to incorporate our Swiss company roots and the Swiss characteristics into everything we do. From our R&D to our choice of (as much as possible) natural, but also other ingredients, from the look, touch and feel to the functionality and consumer friendliness of our products and our packaging.

Every concept, every product idea, every project and each and every development, everything we do is based on where we come from and breathes and lives, as we call this: 100% Swissness. We are proud to be able to show our roots and to be able to live up to the expectations from the world, every day again, to develop, manufacture, promote and sell a professional Swiss premium quality product that simply delivers what you expect from it and sometimes… even a bit more.

We thought that our products should bring the base that nature gives us to perfection, by using the most modern ways of research.

Enhancing and controlling the performance of our products is what we work for every day. The TRINITY haircare laboratories have the most professional and modern infrastructure and knowledge to extract the best out of the natural ingredients that we are using and add the most performant and beneficial aspects of modern chemistry to it. Out of that Know-How we develop the most advanced hair cosmetic that combine benefits of the Swiss Alpine Nature with the performance and reliability of science. Covering all needs of hair, tasks in hairdressing salons and care products for your clients home make TRINITY haircare not only a line of naturalness and sustainability but also a leading salon brand that gives you the tools to run a successful and profitable business while supporting the creativity of your profession. Performant, stable, sophisticated and sustainable products – that is TRINITY haircare.

For us it makes much more sense to point out the good things that actually make our products unique, rather than advertising what we have turned down. From the very basics, the active ingredients and the specific functional extracts to the function of a product, how to use and promote it in your professional hair salon, but also how your clients should be using our products at home, is the information that we want to provide to you.

One of our principles – if not one of the most important – is to approach the people around us with openness, clarity and honesty. Our main focus is to be as natural as possible and at the same time guarantee to provide you with products that give the performance you expect and need in professional, daily salon business. We meet all regulations and standards for hair cosmetics and Good Manufacturing Processes and often even exceed them while developing our 100% Swiss Premium Quality products.

This is the message we want to give to you and also to your clients in your salon. We frequently have a look into topics like parabens, gluten, allergen perfumes, layering silicones, etc. and forego such Ingredients if possible. If we find out however that an Ingredient is needed to guarantee the performance or high quality of our product or that the potential substitute is even exacerbating the problem we are not using you as a subject for experimentation. We use the approved Ingredient and explain to you what it does.
Focus on the positive rather than on the negative, focus on the functionality and usage of a product, rather than on what the product cannot do for you, but above all: focus on YOU, so that you are able to stay positive, stay true and honest and deliver just exactly what we stand for at TRINITY haircare: the best possible products combined with a transparent, honest and clear concept.

We are concerned with the idea that our packaging should not pollute the world that we hand over to our children. That is why sustainability and recycling are key focus areas for TRINITY haircare

We care – not only about hair. About people. About nature. About the environment. About the future. Therefore, TRINITY haircare puts a lot of thought, effort and money into the development and research for better (renewable) resources and sustainable solutions with regard to products, packaging, the use of paper, Co2 reduction, etc.

We are using several different certified packaging and material certifications, such as FSC (sustainable wood/paper management), Ecocert (biological ingredients), etc. and we use recyclable and even reusable materials already today (plastics) and will even start using sustainable & biodegradable packaging materials in the near future! Also, with the launch of our new care line, we have launched one of the most innovative and exciting recycling projects in our industry today throughout the entire value chain, which is truly unique!
New packaging, recyclable & reusable materials, recycling concept AND charity in one go!

We thought that our care line should hold all the good natural extracts that our home has to offer. We call this our Alpine Spa Concept.

Nature is offering us the greatest variety of nourishing, healing and beautifying substances. The relief and rehab of a spa treatment is what our care products should give to your hair.

This is why we have developed our Alpine Spa Concept that consists out of natural extracts of the Alpine region and selected natural oils and extracts that we have identified as the best companions to support the effect of these ingredients. In that way the TRINITY haircare essentials and the TRINITY haircare therapies should give the most holistic and effective care to your hair.

At TRINITY haircare we would like to offer a complete concept. A series that that answers all requirements in a professional hairdressing salon. Not just the requirements of today, and not just for one hair type, but for everyone and always.

We are close to our TRINITY family members all over the world, close to stylists and close to every day’s challenges in hairdressing salons. This means that we can already offer a complete and comprehensive range of colour, care, styling, perming, salon service and merchandising, which we are constantly developing. With our Men’s Grooming line TAILOR’S Grooming as a supplement, we are the perfect complete supplier for your salon and guarantee that you will find the right answer to every problem your customers have in the TRINITY haircare portfolio.