Definite Blonde

Definite Blonde impresses with 17 shades, which offer endless possibilities in all thinkable blond reflexes and blond colour directions. From cool ash, through neutral Violet up to soft rose or even fresh peach-effects, with the latest colour series out of the TRINITY laboratories simply anything is possible. On top of the existing classical bleaching powder, the Definite Blonde series introduces 2 completely new and revolutionary bleaching powders to achieve impressive and unbeatable bleaching results.

The especially developed TRI//LUM-technology effectively counteracts unwanted brass, copper and yellow tones. The new created formula contains highlifting and neutralizing pigments that develop into the cuticula during the bleaching process. With this development the last remaining natural pigments inside the hair will be influenced and the hair will have the most beautiful and neutral blonde tone.

Creme hair colour

on the levels 10 and 12 to neutralize, tone, colour or gloss the hair in all the desired blond reflexes. From a natural level 6 and up this hair colour can achieve 3 to maximum 5 tones lifting power.

hi.7 Bleaching powder

is perfect for all the different bleaching techniques such as highlights, balayage and an overall classical bleach. During the process the hi.7 bleaching powder neutralizes orange and yellow tones. The mixing ratio is 1:2 mixed with 1,9%, 3% and 6%. In some cases 9% can be used. The processing time is 45 – 60 minutes without heat.

hi.8 Bleaching powder

offers the possibility to lift the hair up to 8 tones and can be used for many different bleaching techniques. On top the hi.8 bleaching powder is nourishing for the hair. Because of the blue and violet pigments inside the powder (which get stronger during the process!) all unwanted brass, copper and yellow tones are being neutralized during the bleaching process. The mixing ratio is 1:2 mixed with 1,9%, 3% and 6%. In some cases 9% can be used. The processing time is 45-60 minutes without heat.

hi.9 Bleaching powder

is capable lifting the hair up to 9+ levels. This bleaching powder is developed for extreme lifting power combined with the maximum hair quality security. Because of the revolutionary formulation with active charcoal and carbon pigments even the copper to red pigments are eliminated in a natural way. Due to the optical effect of the neutralization of warmer tones the cool blond tones appear even brighter. The processing time is 45 – 60 minutes without heat.

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