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Our Salon Service range offers useful additional products which help to optimise and simplify the daily work in your salon.


The bleaching range of TRINITY haircare. For breathtaking, clear blonde without any yellow and for lifting up to 8 levels. Because blonde is one of the most important factors in the daily salon business and OXIBLONDE is your reliable tool for all types of lifting.

oxiblonde evoplexx

Bleaching and lifting as high as up to 8 levels, restoring broken and creating new bonds and nourishing the hair with the same salon treatment – that’s OXIBLONDE evoplexx!


Bleaching powder for lifting up to 7 levels. For unlimited creativity and perfect care thanks to nourishing oils combined with a fresh coconut scent.


With SONARITY, TRINITY haircare offers you a professional perming which fulfils all your demands.

rapid fix 1+9

The perfect rapid fix for our perms SONARITY and NATURAL WAVE which provide the hair with long lasting shiny curls.

natural wave

TRINITY haircare’s gentle herbal perming solution for healthy, conditioned and intensively bouncing curls. Available in three different versions: for normal, for coloured and for resistant hair.


The unique Thermo Wave that gives beautiful natural-looking curls and permanent waves to normal and resistant hair. Almond proteins strengthen the hair and give elasticity and bounce to it.

the thickener

Thickener for modification of consistency of cosmetic products.

fixation ready to use

The perfect fixation for our perms SONARITY and NATURAL WAVE which provide the hair with long lasting shiny curls.

colour care lotion

The TRINITY haircare colour care lotion is the optimal skin care product to prevent colour deposition and irritations of the scalp when colouring hair. Selected ingredients condition hair whilst it is taking effect on the hair.

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