spring, summer, 2022


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Adventurous, anonymous, outgoing, celebrating life, going back to a pre-pandemic feeling with friends inside a new city to explore, that´s VIVID!

Aren´t we all searching for some pre-pandemic
positivity and some free and exciting vibes?
The feeling when going on a city trip,
together with friends: strolling through the little streets,
laying down in the city parks,
watching people walk by while relaxing on a terrace in the sun,
simply enjoying life to the fullest and just feel like everything is just great!
This is the spirit and feeling of VIVID, the new Trend Collection for TRINITY haircare.

Celebrating friendship and going out again, living a bit more adventurous than the last 2.5 years and just sucking in good and positive vibes, so that we can face life again with all it´s troubles and challenges.


We should all just more often take these mini-breaks and go out into the city to let go just a bit more in the anonymity of a new place, where we can just be a bit more expressive, outgoing and more VIVID and thus simply feel more alive!

Red dress woman standing next to a thing

The European Artistic Team of TRINITY haircare tried to capture this feeling while creating their new Trend Collection VIVID.

Expressive colours, outgoing and remarkable hairstyles and fashion statements that just give you this uplifting feeling of really feeling alive. And who better to celebrate life with in an outgoing and enjoyable way than with friends inside a new city?