fall, winter, 2020


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Learning how to be more with less

Who would have thought that this year would teach us this lesson in such an unmistakeable way?

But try to look at this year as positively as you can, because positivity and learning from our mutual experience will be things that will help all of us to look into a bright future. What if we go back step-by-step, but at the same time look at what we really need in life, each and everyone, by and for, his- or herself. Just be critical as to what the essence of our life is and what drives us, defines us, makes us happy, makes us thankful and makes our life worthwhile.

What if all of us, each in their own way, try to apply a little bit of minimalism in our lives?

Because min-i-mal-ism means literally: the ability to simplify without losing any quality. So, the ultimate goal would be to learn how to be more with less!

In the ARTISTIC MINIMALISTIC trend collection for TRINITY haircare `quality over quantity` is the credo. And as easy as this sounds it is definitely not easy to establish the exact, or maybe even a better quality by using less material, products or other input for your wardrobe, your home or your specific project.

It is truly a piece of art to leave things out and still achieve the same end result, regardless what you do and in what way you try to be artistic and minimalistic at the very same time!

What we should try all together, and the European Artistic Team of TRINITY haircare tried this as well, is to leave things out, to establish the same quality with less quantity, to be more with less!

And more in general we should all try to live in the moment, to enjoy the little things and to remember to put our family first.
And in our case: the TRINITY haircare family!