fall, winter, 2018


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Live in the present

Wabi Sabi originates from the 14th century in Japan as a counter movement or opposition to the ongoing strive for perfection: live in the present by the empowerment of imperfection.
Wabi Sabi is an open minded, relaxed way of looking at life, without the pressure of having to strive for the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect picture according to the general benchmarks of the Western culture. Leave things out, the beauty of imperfection, the power of ephemerality, floating on the seasons of life.

But above all: live in the present. Live now. Accept and appreciate what you have. Be grateful. This is what Wabi Sabi stands for.

Next to the fact it is a life philosophy, you see a lot of influences of Wabi Sabi in art, design and literature. Think about the a-symmetrical patterns and working with different structures and forms. Wabi Sabi shares a profound predilection for nature and the accessory processes, like the beauty of ageing

In fact Wabi Sabi reconnects you again with the beauty of everyday life and with nature. For good reasons nature is one of the most important pillars within the movement. Nature is the ultimate ´now´ or ´present´.

Wabi Sabi of course is already an ancient Japanese movement, but it is, maybe now more than ever, completely applicable to the present time, where striving for perfection almost works oppressive for many of us.

From the base of Wabi Sabi the European Artistic Team of TRINITY haircare made a translation into the more International look and vision on trends and fashion influences that will dominate the catwalks of the upcoming Fall and Winter season.
Live. In the present. Live now. Enjoy. Appreciate what you have. Accept imperfection. Float to the seasons of life. HAVE FUN!