spring, summer, 2020


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Embrace your inner goddess

Every person is unique. Every individual has his or her own characteristics. Everyone has their own habits. We all have our differences, regardless whether small or large. Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. It’s our differences that make us unique.

The balance of being is a constant internal battle we have to pick up and face with ourselves. And this internal battle can be different from day-to-day, depending on so many different aspects, such as our mood, our agenda for the day, the people we meet and the pressure we give ourselves to achieve our daily goals.

Women are beautiful creatures, each with their own personality, characteristics and appearance. Every woman is a goddess, but not every woman is aware of this, which is a shame.

In this trend collection, the TRINITY haircare European Artistic Team tried to combine two things: the balance of being and the recognition of your inner goddess.

For this collection we have selected 6 different goddesses, each with their own characteristics and meanings.

Embrace your inner goddess – which can be different from day to day, from mood to mood, from moment to moment – and that even can be a combination of several feelings, moods or characteristics at the very same time!

As the saying goes: it’s the inside that counts! And this is the essence of our trend collection THE BALANCE OF BEING – EMBRACE YOUR INNER GODDESS!