spring, summer, 2018


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Probably some of the most memorable four words in history.

We all have dreams in life and we all sometimes close our eyes and dream away thinking about all the good things life has to offer. The French word for dream is Rêve, just a beautiful word, which even sounds like floating away and flying up high in the sky.

Some people dream of wealth, others of happiness and most of us dream of a long and healthy life. One of the most famous and probably the most desired dream of humankind is the dream of an eternal, never ending or an unfading life.

The ancient Greek already had a word for this: amarantos, which means “unfading”.

This Greek word over time turned into several different derivates, of which the French word Amarante is nowadays used as a girl’s name and means: flower that never fades.

Rêve D’Amarante – the TRINITY haircare spring / summer Collection 2018 – is all about flowers, about happy feeling, about a rich bouquet of coupes, styles, fashion and of course the beauty of women.

Rêve D’Amarante, the dream of a flower that never fades, just like the hairstyles and the colours of TRINITY haircare!