fall, winter, 2019


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The art of evolution

The parallel evolution of women and art over time resulted in diversified looks and designs which are outstanding in beauty, universal in feeling and feminine in shape. Eclectic movement and intellectual and expressive freedom go hand in hand when looking at the evolution of art over the last decades. The result is a huge diversity of many different contemporary designs in all kinds of arts globally. Modern art nowadays combines several functions and forms, colours and shapes into one piece of art, which even puts more emphasis on the eclecticism of the evolution of art.

When looking at the evolution of women it is fair to say that women have managed to speak up, stand out and become more independent than ever before in history. No more restrictions or boundaries so women can be who they are meant to be. Because of this great development, women are free to say, do and express themselves the way they want to. This resulted in women being just as diverse in shape, colour, function, form and expressivity as modern art is nowadays.

This parallel evolution of women and art inspired the TRINITY haircare European Artistic Team to come up with a diverse, eclectic and beautiful trend collection, which combines feminism with strong design statements and functionality with energetic colour combinations.

Architectural lines combined with luminous colours, functional design combined with metallic effects and (r)evolutionary forms combined with the nicest looks and hairdo’s: with EVOLUTION ART the TRINITY haircare European Artistic Team created a new, creative, various and fashionable trend collection with futuristic elements that work like a hyper coloured portal to another dimension…
With TRINITY haircare!