Dear TRINITY Family ❤️

As you have followed up we have travelled to Rome in order to get a (personal) picture of what is going on locally and how the status of all the venues that we have originally planned for our fantastic TRINITY Travel Event is looking like.
We have to say that to our greatest pleasure, we have received the impression that all participants would be able to have a safe trip and measures are not so disturbing that a joyful, relaxed and awesome event/travel wouldn’t still possible.

However we are now facing a new situation: Even though on location everything might be going well, traveling is complicated by a number of new travel warnings for several regions across Europe.

Given all of that – and given that our deepest wish is to have a wonderful, safe, funny and healthy Travel Event with a large number of guests we have decided to shift the trip one more time.
We hope that all of you understand, agree and even support the decision to reschedule the

TRINITY TRAVEL EVENT 2021 to the beautiful eternal city of ROME to 25. – 28. September 2021

Of course all business conditions, scheduled program, etc. remain unchanged – sun and drinks are still ordered – Dolce Vita is waiting for us!!! 😎🌞🍹🇮🇹

We can’t wait to have you there… have a wonderful weekend!
Your TRINITY haircare team